Regina Exhibition Association Limited ensures Rider fans they will have a place to park Thursday

With the Queen City Ex on this weekend along with a Saskatchewan Roughrider game on Thursday, the Regina Exhibition Association has had to come up with a parking solution to allow for both events.

Many Rider fans have parking passes to the grounds, and REAL has ensured everyone with a pass will be able to park on the grounds.

Spokesperson Sabeen Ahmad said despite the busy time, there is room for everyone.

“The only difference will be obviously the midway is taking up a lot of our property, so they won’t be parking where they probably are used to parking, it’s a little bit more south and west of the area that normally would be where they park.”

Ahmad said the Evraz head of security has ensured REAL that there will be enough spots to go around.

“We wouldn’t have just minimized a bulk area and said ‘okay this is good enough,’” Ahmad said. “We’ve ensured that each spot is accounted for for those who have a pass.”

Ahmad said Rider transit will also be available.

“The buses that night will be running late, they’ll be running until 12:15,” Ahmad said. “If you happen to be at the game, if you figure you want to stay and check out more of the fun at Queen City Ex, you still will have access to get on the Rider transit until 12:15.”

Ahmad adds anyone with a ticket to the game will also be able to enter the Queen City Ex without paying admission, but would still need to pay for daytripper passes if they want to go on rides before or after the game.

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