(Jamie) Look At That Smoke! Is Lewis Barbequing Again?

Today when I get home I have a couple of must-do chores to take care of. One of those chores is mowing the lawn while the other is cleaning my barbeque. I usually clean the crud out of the bottom of my barbeque at least once a month, but I honestly can’t remember the last time I did that.

Monday I was barbequing for supper when I noticed from the kitchen window that I had a bit of a flare up that was shooting flames out of the side of the barbeque. Usually that isn’t a problem and I’ll go move whatever I’m cooking to a different spot so the flames can die down.

This time when I went out I found that everything was on fire, and I mean on fire! This wasn’t the usual white smoke that was billowing out of my barbeque, it was black. All of the gunk that was at the bottom was in flames and it wasn’t going anywhere soon. My first thought was to turn my propane off. The last thing I needed was my barbeque landing somewhere on Lewvan Drive.

The next thing was to grab the hose before the Fire Department showed up wondering what in the world was going on. There are reasons why a man doesn’t barbeque in his living room, and I just found one of them.

Good news on the food front though. My wife actually commented on how good the steaks were!

Best barbeque ever, and it was strictly by accident!

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