SGI focuses on impaired driving this month

SGI’s traffic safety focus for August is impaired driving.

The insurance company’s Tyler McMurchy says the upcoming long weekend does add a few challenges for police. “People are heading out on the highways, the highways are busier, so it’s even more important to make sure when you are driving you are doing so with a clear head, you’re paying attention, you’re buckled up of course, obeying those speed limits, but very important to remain sober when behind the wheel.”

McMurchy says there are things police look for. “Drifting in and out of lane, driving at a speed that doesn’t match what you would expect from the road either too fast or too slow or inconsistent speed, see someone tailgating or changing lanes frequently or making unusually wide turns.”

Police across Saskatchewan catch between 200-400 impaired drivers every month.

He also reminds the public about the RID, Reduce Impaired Driver, program, where people are encouraged to call police about a suspected impaired driver.

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