Gibson Energy awarded Oil and Gas Processing Investment Incentive

An energy company with a refinery in Moose Jaw has been awarded the first Oil and Gas Processing Investment Incentive by the provincial government.

Gibson Energy recently completed an expansion that sees the facility now produce 22 thousand barrels a day, all the while keeping their carbon emissions the same as before the renovation.

Senior Vice-President of Operations and Engineering Mike Lindsay said heat from the product leaving the facility will be recycled to preheat product entering the facility.

“The net is you don’t need any new heat to bring in, which means you don’t need heaters, you don’t need gas or burners to bring that heat in,” Lindsay said. “Those efficiencies gives us a big piece of the debottlenecking and the throughput without any additional fuel costs or emissions.”

Premier Scott Moe said with the incentive opening in 2017, it’s a lengthy process to complete.

“It takes time to work with the companies, it takes time for the investment to be decided on at the board tables and it takes time to actually procure that investment and then to ultimately construct,” Moe said. “I would say that (two years) is an appropriate time-frame to go through all of those steps and to actually complete a $20 Million expansion to a plant that we see here.”

Mayor Fraser Tolmie said Moose Jaw wants to be an economic leader in this province.

“The investment in this particular plant increases production which goes beyond our borders, but it also increases the amount of crude oil that producers are going to be able to ship out,” Tolmie said. “We’re pretty happy about this.”

Gibson Energy has been operating in Moose Jaw since 2002 when they purchased the refinery and made it a year-round facility.

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