Hot, humid weather affecting guests at Queen City Ex

The hot weather has shown up just in time for this year’s Queen City Ex.

A heat warning in Regina means people attending this year’s fair over the next couple days will want to make sure they keep themselves cool in the blazing sun.

T.E.A.M. Response First Aid Services were able to confirm that they treated a few guests for heat exhaustion during the first day of the fair. And with temperatures up in the 30’s Thursday and Friday, organizers want to make sure guests are taking steps to keeping themselves cool.

“I know that the big thing here is getting on the rides and eating all kinds of greasy foods, but we’re encouraging individuals to bring water along with them, make sure they stay hydrated and stay cool,” said Belinda Mitchell, a volunteer with T.E.A.M. Response.

Guests are allowed to bring in as many water bottles through the gates if they are sealed and are 1 litre or under in size.

Other ways people can keep themselves hydrated throughout the day is with sealed, non-glass bottles of still water (not flavoured or carbonated) that are up to one litre.

Mitchell mentioned that travel mugs and reusable water bottles are permitted, however they need to be a 1 litre or under and empty when coming through the gates.

She also gave other suggestions on how people can keep themselves protected from the hot, humid weather while enjoying the rides and food.

“Wear a hat, use sunscreen, find that time to cool down,” she said. “If you notice you’re starting to get a skin rash, cramping, nausea, vomiting, come seek first aid and we’ll be able to help you.”

T.E.A.M. Response is stationed inside the Agribition building away from the hot sun during the five-day event. Fairgoers will want to watch out for the marquee out front that states “First Aid”.

There’s a large contingency of support staff including security personnel and police who will help lead people to the first aid station or can help volunteers pick up those who are not feeling well while at the Queen City Ex.

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