Garth Brooks continues to rave about Regina

A couple of days after his shows in Regina, and Garth Brooks is still talking about the crowd at Mosaic Stadium.

During his Facebook live show Inside Studio G, Brooks continued to rave about the support from the fans who took in the two stadium shows in Regina, including the rain delayed show that happened on Friday night.

Brooks said both nights, the crowd was fantastic.

“They were nuts, they were so good man,” Brooks said. “Somebody bought me a beer, which was awesome, I got to hang out, I got to yodel, we did everything you could possibly imagine.

“This was the weekend of weekends, it was fun.”

Brooks said he saw people of all ages at the show, but something special in the crowd caught his eye.

“The amount of children that were at that show; tons of children were at that show,” Brooks said. “I just felt like everything was brand new again.”

During Friday’s storm, Brooks said his crew were doing everything they could to ensure the safety of both the band and the crowd.

“You got to know everything from wind direction, how much force the wind has in it, what are the predictions and stuff,” Brooks said. ” The main thing (is) keeping those people safe, keeping your band and crew safe, and that’s what happened. We watched, and watched, had meetings, you’ll go and have meeting after meeting after meeting about what happens if we go at this time, this time, or this time.”

Regina Exhibition Association Limited says the two shows saw 80,000 people watch Brooks perform, shattering new Mosaic Stadium attendance records.

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