Premier Moe announces cabinet shuffle

Premier Scott Moe is making  changes to his cabinet including new Ministers of Government Relations, Highways and Infrastructure, and Rural and Remote Health.

Premier Moe also announced a new cabinet responsibility for Seniors held by the Minister Responsible for Rural and Remote Health, and shifted cabinet responsibilities for the Water Security Agency and the Provincial Capital Commission.

Three cabinet ministers change portfolios:

  • Lori Carr becomes Minister of Government Relations, Minister Responsible for First Nations, Métis and Northern Affairs, and Minister Responsible for the Provincial Capital Commission.  Carr previously served as Minister of Highways and Infrastructure.
  • Greg Ottenbreit becomes Minister of Highways and Infrastructure, and Minister Responsible for the Water Security Agency.  Ottenbreit previously served as Minister Responsible for Rural and Remote Health.
  • Warren Kaeding becomes Minister Responsible for Rural and Remote Health.  Kaeding also becomes Minister Responsible for Seniors, a new cabinet responsibility that ensures Saskatchewan seniors have a dedicated voice at the cabinet table.  Kaeding previously served as Minister of Government Relations.

“I am confident that Ministers Carr, Ottenbreit, and Kaeding will bring strong leadership to their new responsibilities as our government serves the people of our province and works to strengthen Saskatchewan,” said Premier Scott Moe.

New ministry of highways minister Greg Ottenbreit said it was time for a change, as rural and remote health is a big file to hold for as long as he did.

“I’ve been there just about five years, so it’s been quite a while and we’ve accomplished a lot,” Ottenbreit said. “But I think the Premier just wants to realign the cabinet going into the next election, and recognizing that we were able to accomplish quite a bit of good things over the last five years, maybe an opportunity to move into highways and see if I can put my stamp on there.”

Ottenbreit later added this is not a demotion for comments he made at a pro-life rally while he served as minister of rural and remote health, but rather a new opportunity to serve the province.

New rural and remote health minister Warren Kaeding said his pro-life views will not impact his ability to work in his new role.

“I’m here to ensure that government policy is implemented and we provide care that all of our residents of the province are looking forward to,” Kaeding said. “I am here to ensure that all of our policies are implemented.”

New minister for government relations Lori Carr said this should be an easy transition from highways for her.

“They truly do cross lines, for example whenever I go to SUMA and SARM, I have several meetings with stakeholders and they’re like ‘I’m going to the government relations minister next,’” Carr said. “These are stakeholders that I’m really looking forward to getting to know better.”

Tuesday morning’s provincial cabinet shuffle was one met by criticism by the NDP.

Carla Beck said the minor changes are to fix major issues, and it remains to be seen whether they will work or not.

Beck said there’s some concern over the high amount of turnaround in the government relations file.

“We’ve had significant concerns expressed in regards to relations with the FSIN for example in this province,” Beck said. “We want to see that relationship grow, and that trust be developed, that’s difficult to do when you keep seeing ministers shuffled in and out of that portfolio.”

Beck said some ministers have shown shortfalls in previous portfolios.

“They seem to have some significant concern with depth on that side in terms with ministers performing within their roles,” Beck said. “It remains to be seen, but we want to make sure that those significant roles have both the capacity within these ministers, but also that they’re not so broad that they lose the focus that they deserve.”

Fourteen ministers retain their current portfolios:

  • Gordon Wyant, Deputy Premier, Minister of Education, Minister Responsible for SaskBuilds, Minister Responsible for Priority Saskatchewan;
  • Don Morgan, Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety, Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board, Minister Responsible for the Global Transportation Hub, Minister Responsible for SaskTel;
  • Donna Harpauer, Minister of Finance;
  • Jim Reiter, Minister of Health;
  • Dustin Duncan, Minister of Environment, Minister Responsible for SaskPower;
  • Christine Tell, Minister of Corrections and Policing, Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation;
  • Jeremy Harrison, Minister of Trade and Export Development, Minister of Immigration and Career Training;
  • Ken Cheveldayoff, Minister of Central Services, Minister Responsible for the Public Service Commission;
  • David Marit, Minister of Agriculture, Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Crop Insurance;
  • Bronwyn Eyre, Minister of Energy and Resources, Minister Responsible for SaskWater, Minister Responsible for SaskEnergy;
  • Tina Beaudry-Mellor, Minister of Advanced Education, Minister Responsible for Innovation Saskatchewan, Minister Responsible for Status of Women;
  • Joe Hargrave, Minister of Crown Investments, Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Government Insurance;
  • Paul Merriman, Minister of Social Services;
  • Gene Makowsky, Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport, Minister Responsible for the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority, Minister Responsible for Tourism Saskatchewan.

Premier Moe also announced the following changes to the Government House Leadership and Legislative Secretary Appointments:

  • Everett Hindley becomes Government Whip and remains Legislative Secretary to the Minister of Trade and Export Development;
  • Jeremy Harrison becomes Government House Leader;
  • Paul Merriman becomes Government Deputy House Leader;
  • Todd Goudy becomes Provincial Secretary and Legislative Secretary to the Premier;
  • Lyle Stewart becomes Legislative Secretary to the Minister Responsible for the Water Security Agency;
  • Larry Doke becomes Legislative Secretary to the Minister Responsible for SaskPower.

The following Legislative Secretaries retain their current responsibilities:

  • David Buckingham, Legislative Secretary to the Minister of Immigration;
  • Doug Steele, Legislative Secretary to the Minister of Energy and Resources;
  • Hugh Nerlien, Legislative Secretary to the Minister Responsible for SaskTel;
  • Terry Dennis, Legislative Secretary to the Minister of Education;
  • Greg Lawrence, Legislative Secretary to the Minister of Social Services;
  • Fred Bradshaw, Legislative Secretary to the Minister of Environment;
  • Eric Olauson, Legislative Secretary to the Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport; and
  • Steven Bonk, Legislative Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture.


“Our cabinet and caucus will continue to deliver on the priorities of our constituents while continuing consultations as we renew our government’s plan for growth as we look ahead to 2030,” said Premier Scott Moe.

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