SaskWheat says prairie wheat exports jumped 12 percent in crop year ending August 1st


The latest outlook from SaskWheat says prairie farmers hauled 21.1 million tons of wheat to market in the crop year ending August 1st.

Farm deliveries were up 13 percent from the year before.

Wheat exports for the crop year were 18.4 million tons, up 12 percent or 2 million tons from last year.

Durum farm deliveries are up 15 percent at 4.78 million tons with exports at 4.5 million tons, up 13 percent.

The SaskWheat outlook says both Indonesia and China have imported 2.1 milion tons of Canadian wheat as of June.

This is a 43 percent jump for China from last year and a 79 percent hike for Indonesia.

SaskWheat says the sales have been a welcome occurrence, as without these two very large increases, Canadian wheat exports would have struggled significantly.

The report points out Japan, the U.S., Mexico and Ecuador have all had significant decreases in Canadian wheat imports.

The largest drop is the U.S., which has imported just 66 percent of last year’s total, a 751 thousand ton total.

The largest importer of Canadian durum to the end of June was Algeria, followed by Morocco and the U.S.

Exports to Algeria and Morocco are up about 5 percent while the U.S. is down 18 percent because of a strong crop.

Italy’s appetite for Canadian durum may be slowly returning since durum exports to Italy are up 60 percent from last year.

Rainfall shortage in Morocco is expected result in a 17 percent increase in wheat imports from last year.

In other market news, Saudi Arabia raised its tolerance for bug damage from 0 percent to point 5 percent, effectively allowing imports of Russian and Romanian wheat.

Saudi Arabia is an annual 3 million tons wheat market usually served by German and Baltic wheat.

Freight rates will determine who gets the demand as current German-Russia freight spread is 5 dollars.

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