(Jamie) Getting Some Unexpected Exercise

No matter where you go, people who took in one, or both, of the Garth Brooks shows are still buzzing. I must admit, I’m glad I went. I’m not the concert guy that I was in my younger days. As a matter of fact, if my wife wasn’t such a big Garth Brooks fan, I probably wouldn’t have gone.

The thing I least like about a big concert is getting to and from the venue. Once I’m inside, I don’t mind being there.

We had a couple of friends who were also going to the concert and they decided to come over before the show and leave their vehicle at our place. I preordered a cab a couple of days earlier to pick us up and whisk us over to Mosaic Stadium. Getting in was a breeze. Getting out was another story.

When we left the stadium after the show my wife and I went to meet our friends so we could grab a cab back home. Well, number one, we couldn’t find our friends anywhere and number two, there wasn’t a cab to be found. My wife texted out friends with the message “You’re on your own.”

Traffic getting out was terrible. It was like there was no one directing things and vehicles were coming from all directions trying to get into the one line that led out of the stadium parking lot. What a mess. That’s the exact reason we decided not to drive in the first place.

We decided we’d walk out to Dewdney Avenue, hoping we’d find a cab somewhere beyond the traffic jam. Well, apparently, everyone else had the same idea. People were lined up on Dewdney and everyone had a cellphone at their ear trying to call a cab.

We kept walking and walking until we finally looked at each other and said, “We might as well just walk the whole way.” And we did.

It was a beautiful night for a romantic walk under the stars. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed such a long walk.

To me, the walk home was just as memorable as the concert!


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