(Gloria) Invasion of Stuff

Who wants to come home to find that a dog and strangers are walking through your home!  I should have anticipated this was coming.  The same note was slid under my door a few months back.  This was a note from the owners of my apartment building.  I guess, its a good practice because it keeps us all accountable for something that we all dread!  BEDBUGS!

Communal living, as I like calling the apartment building, opens you up to people of all kinds and there’s nothing wrong with that – however, some people bring in some unwanted pests.  You can’t live in a bubble! And as we travel around the world, coming home with hitch-hikers, becomes a reality.

How many times have you heard that old line “Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite!”  Hopefully, having a canine unit roam through the building eliminates any bedbug break out.  As it is documented, my place is a clutter box and very few, if anyone comes through my door, so I’m a bit unsettled to have the one thing I’m most allergic to in my apartment. A DOG!! I’m scratching just thinking about this!  And a news flash for the dog; I didn’t vacuum, there’s stuff on the floor but there aren’t any dog treats – the House of Evans is under construction – Live With It – I do everyday!!

I’m confident that my floor is okay, here’s hoping!

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