Survey says! Reginans tell the city what they want at new Wascana Pool

The results on a survey that show what Regina’s Wascana Pool should have, and what the facility should look like has been completed, with the responses now being looked at so a decision can be made as to what the new facility will and won’t have.

Over 4,000 people took part in the survey, with most saying they want the new pool to have the same amenities as the current one, which has lane swimming and diving boards, with the additions of a waterslide, a spray park and perhaps a wave pool also being added.

There are some concerns about existing green space and if a new facility would cut into that, as the city looks to make the new Wascana a tourist attraction.

Janine Daradich is the city’s Manager of Planning and Partnerships.  She can’t say anything about that until a concept plan is drawn up showing what the new Wascana Pool will look like.

“Our consultants are looking at the information received and develop some design concepts,” Daradich said. “Until we see that design, we can’t say what the effects on the existing park will be,” sh added.

The survey found 39 percent of respondents are in strong support of a new facility, with 31 percent somewhat supporting it. At the same time four percent were strongly against the idea to demolish the existing facility and create a new one.

Wascana Pool attracts over 20-thousand people per summer.

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