(Jamie) A Chore I Actually Don’t Mind Doing

On yesterday’s show Evans and I were talking about the chores that people like doing the least. We were thinking of having listeners call in with their favorite chores, but we didn’t think there was such a thing, so we went with least favorite.

I actually went home after work yesterday and tackled one chore that I never mind doing, although I certainly wouldn’t call it a favorite. I mowed the lawn. There is something I find relaxing in mowing my lawn. After I finished mowing I pulled out my leaf blower and went to work blowing stuff off the deck. I guess I could have used a broom, but that wouldn’t have been as much fun.

According to a survey, pulling weeds is #1 on the least favorite chore list. I never pull weeds. My wife will spend time outside pulling weeds from our flower garden, which is fine with me because I just don’t have the patience to do that job. I don’t think I’ve yanked a weed up from the ground since I was a kid, and that was only because my dad made me do it.

My personal #1 least favorite chore is raking leaves. I’d prefer to pay someone to come over and tackle that job for me, but unfortunately my wife thinks it’s foolish to pay someone to do a job that we can handle ourselves. It’s the same thing every fall. “I’m going out to rake. You don’t have to help, I’ll be okay.” Translation? “You’d better get your a** off that couch and help me or there’ll be hell to pay.”

Another chore I’m not fond of is vacuuming. We don’t have much to do in that department. We just an area rug in the living room, otherwise it’s all hardwood floors. I’d just as soon grow some grass where that carpet is, so instead of having to vacuum, I could just roll the lawn mower into the house and mow the living room.

It would be so beautiful if all of life’s little problems could be solved with a lawn mower.

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