Latest crop report puts Sask harvest at under one percent


The latest Saskatchewan Agriculture crop report says less than one percent of the 2019 crop has been combined.

Provincial crops analyst Cory Jacob says harvest is behind the 5 year average of 4 percent for this time of year.

Harvest is most advanced in the southeast and southwest regions at 1 percent.

Jacob is expecting production to be about average this year.

Rainfall this past week delayed harvest in the southern regions, with rainfall ranging from a trace to 82 millimeters in the Pense area, just west of Regina.

Topsoil moisture is rated 3 percent surplus, 78 percent adequate, 17 percent short and 2 percent very short.

The majority of crop loss this past week was due to strong winds and localized flooding.

Haying is nearing completion, with yields below average.

Estimated dryland average hay yields are .7 tons for wild hay and one ton per acre for alfalfa/bromegrass and 1.8 tons for for greenfeed.


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