(Jamie) Hey Moms…Only 2 Weeks Left!

Well kids, time is almost up! In just a couple of weeks it’s time to head back to school. I’m sure moms everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief.

Over the weekend we took our granddaughters out to a family get together at Rowan’s Ravine and I asked them if they’re looking forward to getting back to school. They answered at the exact same time, with one saying yes and the other saying no. I think the girls are getting bored doing the same things and playing with the same neighbourhood kids day after day. I enjoyed going to school, but I can’t ever remember getting bored with summer.

I do remember getting all excited about heading back to school after summer. A week or two before the school year kicked in, my mom would take us out and buy us new clothes and all of the supplies we needed for another year of learning. I loved getting back to school. I’m sure my mom enjoyed it as well. After a busy summer keeping a bunch of kids busy and entertained, no one needs more of a break than mom!

School can be an expensive time of the year for parents. Clothes and supplies alone can put a serious dent in any budget.

Look on the bright side moms. At least you’ll be saving a fortune in Tylenol!

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