Higher financial compensation set for Sask. jurors

Jurors in Saskatchewan will be receiving an increase when it comes to their compensation.

The Government of Saskatchewan is making the change for jurors who sit on civil and criminal juries. They will now receive $110 per day, while the $15 fee paid to expected jurors attending civil jury selection is being removed.

Initially, jurors earned $15/day for civil trials and $80/day for criminal trials.

“Being a juror is an important civic duty, and these changes will ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to perform this duty regardless of their financial circumstances,” said Minister of Justice and Attorney Don Morgan in a news release.

And when it comes to dependent care, jurors will also be receiving compensation, too.

The modification will usher in new financial aid for child care and dependent care expenses, according to the government.

When it comes to the amount that will be paid out, it will depend on the actual expenses incurred. There will be a maximum of $40/day for child care expenses and a maximum of $80/day for elder or other dependent care expenses.

“The right to be tried by an impartial and independent jury is fundamental to our system of justice,” said Martel D. Popescul, Chief Justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench for Saskatchewan. “That fundamental right depends on citizens being available for jury service.  The steps taken today will help to ensure jury duty is an opportunity and a privilege that all citizens are able to exercise.”

The changes will be in effect starting September 1.

More information on jury service and selection in Saskatchewan can be found here.

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