The citronella isn’t working! HELLLLP!

What a battle against mosquitoes it has been this summer and somehow, according to the City of Regina, mosquito numbers are actually below average! Hmmmm. I’m pretty sure officials haven’t been to my backyard yet because the blood suckers seem to be right at home there.

A few short weeks ago I acquired a patio table and chairs for the deck allowing me to take full advantage of backyard life. The mosquitoes had other plans which prompted me to purchase a giant mosquito fighting citronella candle. It’s not working! The mosquitoes fly over top, cough and wheeze a little bit, and proceed land on my arm like a helicopter in a war zone. They suck and plunder my blood faster than humans suck back coffee on a Monday morning.

I’m hoping these cooler temps as of late will slow these aggressive and militaristic mosquitoes down so that A) we can enjoy our time on the deck and, B) the citronella candle and other mosquito fighting devices can actually catch up. One mosquito, in fact, was so bold it did a kamikaze flight into the candle itself! I guess on the bright side, my patio smells nice at night.

So, if you have any mosquito fighting suggestions, homemade or otherwise, I’m all ears. If not for this year, next year for sure. Feel free to email me at [email protected].

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