138 drivers caught speeding in construction zones in July: SGI

The numbers are in from Saskatchewan Government Insurance’s July traffic safety spotlight on Orange Zone speeding.

138 drivers in Saskatchewan learned that speeding in construction zones was costly after they were issued tickets by law enforcement.

Tyler McMurchy with SGI explained that out of the 138, 104 were given to drivers who exceeded 60 kilometres per hour when passing highway workers or occupied highway equipment within a work zone. Another 32 tickets were handed out for those who didn’t slow down when passing a highway worker or flag person.

Tickets were also issued for passing occupied equipment or equipment with warning lights flashing.

McMurchy stated how it’s the most expensive type of speeding ticket you can get.

“40 kilometres per hour over the limit will cost you $1,008 dollars and four demerit points,” he said. “It is really a good idea to save that money and help keep those highway workers safe.”

While construction zones were the focus for the spotlight last month, police also issued a lot of tickets for other infractions.

76 hundred were doled out for speeding and aggressive driving. There were high numbers when it came to distracted driving.

“Police did set another record for the number of distracted drivers they caught: 1,039 distracted driving offences reported in July including 920 for cell phone use.”

Impaired driving is the traffic safety focus for August.

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