Cat crisis over at the Regina Humane Society

The Regina Humane Society is amazed by the support in the Queen City.

On Thursday, it was announced that 79 kittens were seized from what appears to be an animal hording situation and the organization went into crisis mode.

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The society’s Bill Thorn says they changed their cat adoption fees to $50 for kittens and free for adult cats and by the end of Friday almost all the kittens had gone to homes. “We do have a few that were still recovering and a couple that are looking for homes, they weren’t all that well socialized so we are looking for special homes for them, but the vast majority of the cats had all been adopted by the end of day on Friday.”

Thorn says they had planned on keeping the adoption special until the end of the month, but because of the success fees are now back to normal. “We had an adoption event even just a week before so a lot of people had just got cats and kittens at that point and we were going boy are we going to be able to find 79 more in just a short period of time. Although we still have a few with us that will be going up for adoption shortly, it just blew us away.”

“There was people there almost constantly, but it was absolutely fantastic,” Thorn adds. “We couldn’t believe by the end of Day Friday it was pretty much done, that the crisis part of it had passed and we were able to send those animals home. the support we had financially was also wonderful.”

He says this really speaks to how people feel about their pets an animal welfare in general.

No more details on the seizure have been released as it is still under investigation.

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