‘This time is extreme’: Fresh & Sweet fed up with downtown construction

A business in Regina is voicing their displeasure with the construction that has been active in downtown this summer.

Fresh & Sweet, a cafe restaurant on the corner of Victoria Avenue and McIntyre Street, took to social media on Friday to communicate their concerns with the beautification project taking place on Victoria Avenue.

A decision was made to create a post on Facebook after seeing a fence and pylons were set up in front of the building while workers continued to complete the beautification project.

Beata Kowalski, the co-owner of Fresh & Sweet, Fresh Carnival and the catering business Valley Girls Catering, said the latest round of construction near their businesses Fresh & Sweet and Fresh Carnival has created a major negative impact.

“People can’t get there, so they will go somewhere else. It creates a barrier between the customers and us every time this happens,” explained Kowalski.

Whether it’s the Capital Pointe fiasco or other construction in the area, her business has had to deal with construction projects over the last 8 years. But even Kowalski admitted this is the worst she’s seen yet.

She described it as being enclosed in a cage.

“It’s near impossible to get to my own restaurant. We’re sort of fed up with getting blocked in and having zero consideration from the city,” said Kowalski.

While it has been a frustrating ordeal for the downtown cafe, there has been some positives from their current situation.

Support has poured in from the public after their Facebook post showing the construction stationed in front of their establishment. Ever since they showed their displeasure on social media, the post has received hundreds of responses, reactions and shares.

Kowalski said she appreciates all the support they’ve acquired from the public.

“We have the best customers in the whole world, and they are going to crawl over the fence if they need to get to us. It makes you feel really awesome.”

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