Anthrax confirmed in the RM of Chester

Saskatchewan’s ministry of agriculture says a case of anthrax has been confirmed in the RM of Chester which is in the province’s southeast. 

In a release from the ministry late Thursday afternoon. they say laboratory results  confirmed anthrax was the cause of death for seven animals.

The ministry is advising Saskatchewan producers to be on the lookout for anthrax in their animals.

Bison, cattle, sheep and goats are highly susceptible and horses can be infected as well. Affected animals are usually found dead without any signs of illness.

Anyone suspecting  anthrax are being advised not to move or disturb the carcass and to contact their local veterinarian immediately for diagnosis.

Anthrax is caused by the bacteria Bacillus anthracis, which can survive for decades in soil. Flooding and drying can cause changes to the soil moisture and lead to a build-up of these spores on pastures.

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