Classroom funding is a major concern for Saskatchewan Teachers Federation on eve of new school year starting

The Saskatchewan Teachers Federation believes education should be an equalizer with all students and teachers having the same resources available to them. A survey done by its members shows that is not happening because of continued reductions from the Saskatchewan government.

The survey finds teachers are paying for things out of their own pocket with many shelling out more than 500 dollars with parents also on the hook now more than ever before when it comes to classroom fees.

Federation president Patrick Maze says this is worrisome.

“It’s a concern and is something on our radar.” Maze said. “We are advocating government step up and make sure schools, classrooms and classes are properly supported so parents don’t have to pick up the shortfall with the same being said for teachers.”

Maze recognizes government has a tough job to do when it comes to balancing the books, but he says it comes down to choices and that education should be a major priority with the appropriate resources being given because education is the future.

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