Saskatchewan artists making waves in Europe and US (AUDIO)

It’s certainly no secret that Saskatchewan artists are making names for themselves on the country music scene across Canada and into the United States, whether it be for performing, songwriting, or both. Saskatchewan artists are also being embraced in parts of Europe as well. Earlier in 2019 Colter Wall, Blake Berglund, and Belle Plaine packed up and headed to Europe for several shows and a little sight seeing along the way.

“We had 17 shows in 20 days in 10 or 12 countries,” noted Belle Plaine. “It was very fast paced. It was on the train and we were just chasing Colter Wall the whole time, just trying to make it to sound check.”

Listen to our entire interview with Berglund and Plaine here.

Berglund believes country music is gaining in popularity in Europe thanks to a romanticism of western culture.

“I’d say a certain vein of it is stronger and if not as supportive, more supportive, than in North America,” explained Berglund.  “It’s not a thing over there (western culture) but it’s very authentic to where I come from (Kennedy, SK) and where Belle comes from (Fosston, SK) and where Colter comes from (Swift Current). They share quickly. They hear something that sounds unique and different and try their very best to get it out to the people they can get it out to and it all resulted in really wonderful shows.”

Both Beglund and Plaine are headed out on their Denim Wedding tour, which started out as a way to meet all their friends in various places across the US who couldn’t make it to their wedding this past winter. Yes, both Blake and Belle are now hitched and enjoying married life. The tour will take them to Montana, Chicago, Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri, and Nebraska.

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