Alford’s Flooring and Furniture closing after 55 years in Regina

Alford’s Flooring and Furniture has been a part of Regina’s business landscape since 1967; first as just a flooring store and then incorporating furniture seven years later.

But 55 years since they opened their doors, Alford’s will be closing them for good following president Verna Alford’s decision to retire.

The business has arguably one of the most recognizable looks in Regina. Located on 4th Avenue, the structure has a Southern Colonial style with big windows, columns and bright colours.

When Alford helped design the building in the mid-nineties when the business outgrew their previous location, she was inspired by what she saw in an American magazine.

She remembers how she wanted the new building to resemble a mansion and how she didn’t want it to have a commercial feel.

“The picture of this building was on a magazine in Florida with the caption ‘You can take a pig’s ear and turn it into a silk purse’,” said Alford.

But over the last couple years, she contemplated whether it was time to begin her retirement. Now 82 years old, Alford has sold the building and decided to sell the last of her inventory before it’s all over.

Choosing this path was an incredibly difficult and emotional decision not only for Alford, but for her dedicated staff.

There are 22 full time employees that are part of Alford’s staff. Some of the workers have been there for a number of decades and are soon reaching retirement themselves.

While she thanked her staff for their help over the years, she couldn’t help but praise the support her customers have given to the business. Alford admitted they have had the most loyal clientele you can find.

“The houses, commercial businesses and restaurants that we’ve been so proud to do, we’ve done care homes across Saskatchewan, we’ve done funeral homes across Canada, and just from the spinoff from our clients,” said Alford. “It has been phenomenal.”

After working six days a week, the business’s president confesses it will feel unnatural once she’s no longer working at the place she has spent much of her life helping grow and become a familiar face in the Queen City.

The store will have their retirement sale starting on Wednesday with invited guests and will then be opened to the public on Friday.

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