(Jamie) I’d Rather Deal With The Hardware Store Than The Bank

Yesterday after work I stopped into the hardware store a block from where I live to grab $20 worth of change for parking this week. That seems to be the easiest alternative.

My bank is less than half a block from the radio station, but running over at 9 o’clock to grab $20 in change isn’t as quick and painless as one would think.

Every time I’ve tried to pull off this seemingly quick and easy bank transaction, it always turns into a 10 minute affair. Even at 9 in the morning I’m never the only one in line. Usually I’m fourth or fifth in line and the people in front of me always seem to take forever to do whatever it is they’re doing. The last time I tried to get change a guy at the front of the line wanted to cash a cheque, but had no identification on him. He hummed and hawed for a good five minutes until the cashier found out the guy didn’t even have an account at the bank. Goodbye five minutes on that one! Another guy was in the hole for $33 on his account, but still wanted to withdraw $100. Really? You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

All the while I’m waiting in line checking my watch. I don’t have all morning. I have to back on air at about 9:10 and all I want is $20 in toonies and loonies.

Hats off to the ladies working the counter. They are very patient. If that was me, I’d be reaching out across the counter trying to strangle some of these characters.

If there’s ever a morning that you don’t hear me at the start of the Flea Market at 9:10, you know where I’ll be.




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