What is with the smell of burning wood in a stove that is so pleasant and comforting?

This morning was the first morning in what seems like a long time where I could actually walk to work instead of using a vacant spot in our underground parking lot because of pouring rain. I enjoy the 10 minute walk to and from my vehicle in the morning and again in the afternoon because it rejuvenates oneself and makes one feel much more alert.

On today’s walk it was especially nice because the rain has made everything so green, so fresh, and smell so nice. What made it even better was the fact somebody along Victoria Avenue had either their wood stove or wood fireplace on! It smelled fantastic. It was like somebody had transported me out of the city to a cabin in the damp woods that was heated only by wood. I instantly imagined a small log cabin in a damp forest under the canopy of massive evergreen or cedar trees where one can only hear the rustle of branches from the wind and the sound of wildlife echoing through the forest. And that wood burning smell in the cabin. That unique smell that invites you in to close door, sit in a big chair, and sip on a nice scotch!

What is with the smell of burning wood in a stove that is so pleasant and so comforting? It instantly reminds one of warmth and relaxation, which is especially nice on the way to work during rush hour in the rat race of life in the city!

I don’t know who had the wood fireplace and/or wood stove going this morning along Victoria Avenue, but thanks for firing it up and giving us passersby a “moment” before the busy day ahead takes hold.

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