(Jamie) Hey, There’s A New Invention Buddy…It’s Called The Bathroom

Saturday morning I thought I’d take care of my vehicle before I started running around on my usual  errands. First up was the carwash.

The best thing about going for a carwash at 7:30 in the morning is that I never have a problem getting into a bay. After the carwash I thought I’d head over to Klein’s at 4th and Pasqua and gas up.

There are a couple of reasons I always go there. First off, Bob and the staff always have 620 CKRM blaring in the background. Thanks Bob! He always jokes about coming in and doing a show with Evans and I, and I always tell him, “Hey, if I get a free tank of gas, the studio is all yours.” He hasn’t taken me up on the offer yet! The second reason I gas up there is because gas is always a lot cheaper than it is anywhere else in the city!

While I was gassing up I noticed a car pull up to the front of the building. The driver got out and went into the store while the passenger got out and went to the side of the building, which I thought was a little odd. I was standing at the pumps watching to see what was going on. Then it became obvious. The guy unzipped his pants and proceeded to take a whiz in full view of anyone who was around, although there weren’t many of us around at that time of day. It wasn’t even 8 o’clock in the morning yet! I do believe Bob has a bathroom inside that this guy could have used, but apparently that was a little too far for him to go.

After he finished his business he stumbled into the store to find his friend. I didn’t know where they were off to after that, but I had a pretty good idea what they were doing before they made it to the store.

How to go buddy. Your parents would be proud!

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