Outer Edge Adventure Park is shutting down

Outer Edge Adventure Park by Lumsden is shutting down after a conflict with the RM.

The zip-line park was asked by the RM to close down a newly added drive-in movie citing safety concerns with traffic in the area.

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The park was also asked to get a traffic and geotech analysis done in order to renew its discretionary permit.

Co-Owner Terry Deck says the movie portion of the park was added because they weren’t making enough money with just the zip-line park, so they couldn’t afford to pay for the analysis. “Financially it’s just been hard on us. We can’t go forward, we have to take care of our family.”

Deck says this is a small, mom and pop, family run business that just wants to bring fun to the people in the area, but unfortunately the financial struggles have taken a toll on the family emotionally.

They are thinking about what can be done with the business going forward. “If the right person comes along and the offer is right, then probably we would consider selling it,” Deck adds. “Or consider moving it and running it in a different jurisdiction, but again it has to fit financially and it has to fit my family.”

Decks adds that it’s unfortunate this is happening because after putting out a poll on social media, it looks like the zip-line park was bringing people and money to other businesses in the RM. “So far it’s looking like 80 percent said that they have gone to other businesses and that’s what my wife and I are big on. We want to encourage other people to come here and support us, our RM. Not just us personally, other businesses that are operating here.”

The park is set to shut down on September 29th.

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