After last week’s rain mosquito numbers could increase around Regina

With last week’s rain, it will allow for more mosquitoes to develop and bother residents in the Regina area.

However, a lot of the mosquitoes will need to find a way to survive the winter months, as temperatures will soon be too cold for them.

City spokesperson Russell Eirich said different species are able to do different things to survive the winter months and buzz around in the spring. “Some mosquito species will actually overwinter their eggs and next year’s water will contribute to it,” stated Eirich.

Other mosquito species will overwinter as adults in the early part of spring. The insect will try to find protection from the snow, they will semi-dehydrate and then overwinter.

Long story short: it may spell bad news for people who were looking forward to spending spring 2020 without the blood-sucking insects.

Mosquitoes that develop now will be able to survive the winter if they are in egg form or adults, and in turn, they will be the first ones you’ll see come spring time. Eirich said city crews are trying to get ahead on the issue.

“We’ll probably treat right up until the end of September and by then things will really slow down.”

Eirich encourages residents to drain any sitting water they may have in their yard before the winter freeze-up to help prevent mosquitoes from being prevalent in the spring.

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