(Jamie) Enjoy The Last 5 Days Of Summer

Well, we knew it was coming and now it’s only days away. Summer will officially end at 1:50 next Monday morning, giving way to fall and all that comes with it. Yup. Only 5 full days of summer left.

We were very close to turning our furnace on last week, but we made it through those cool rainy days without giving in. It won’t be long now though.

We did actually have our air conditioner running for the last few days, but with seasonal temperatures on the way, it looks like the bulk of the work for that machine has come to an end. We could still get some beautiful weather over the course of the next month or so, but I don’t see many days that the air conditioner will be back up and running. So, thanks buddy! Good job this summer. We’ll call upon you again in about 8 months or so.

The front lawn is nearly covered with leaves, but there still seems to be so many more leaves yet to fall. The same goes the back yard. It won’t be long now before my wife suggests we do some raking, although it’s not a suggestion at all, it’s an order. It’ll start with her saying, “There sure are a lot of leaves on the ground.” I know exactly where that conversation leads.

Raking leaves is one job that I just hate doing. I don’t know why. It’s quite a simple job. Rake leaves and put leaves in garbage bag. It really doesn’t get any easier than that, but I’d still rather pay someone to do it for me while I watch some baseball or football on TV.

Oh well, I guess there are worse jobs to do out there, although while I’m in the middle of doing it, I can never think of one.

Here’s hoping fall and winter go by as quickly as spring and summer seemed to!

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