SaskPower customer generated solar panel project nears capacity two years earlier than scheduled

SaskPower’s Net Metering program will reach it’s capacity two year’s earlier than anticipated.

This program allows customers to install solar panels on their houses and businesses and get credits for surplus power.

SaskPower says it re-launched the program in November and would take applications until it reached a cap of 16 mega-watts or until November 30th, 2021.

Spokesperson Joel Cherry says now that the utility is reaching capacity, it will no longer accept applications and review the program going forward. “We want to make sure that the program in the future will be financially sustainable and we want to make sure it meets the needs of our customers and our company.”

Cherry says SaskPower has seen a dramatic uptake in the program. “It’s been attractive partly because we have set up a pretty generous program. We have the rebate and we pay our credits out at a premium.”

He adds that businesses are also taking high interest in the program. “Recently as well the federal government has announced some funding for green projects for businesses. This is for small and medium businesses, and one of the things they are covering is efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of the business.”

“So for some businesses they were able to put solar panels on the building and claim our rebate and get money from the federal government,” Cherry adds.

SaskPower says because of this, the utility has seen an 80 percent increase in the size of application since July.

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