How many pairs of shoes do you really need?

This week I went out and bought my first new pair of shoes in almost two years! Yes, I’m not a fan of shopping for things, especially for shoes. It takes so long to find a pair of shoes that fit, that are comfortable, and generally meet all the requirements of a very fussy Cody. People looked at me strangely when I said I bought my first new pair in almost two years. Really, Cody? This was the question I’d hear every time and for good reason. Perhaps I’ve just lucked out with good quality shoes that stand the test of time, but it’s most likely due to the fact I’m a little frugal and stretch out the lifetime of shoes to the max. My own mother says I’m just “cheap.”

How many pairs of shoes does a person really need anyway? I have three pairs that cover all the bases in my life. I’ve got my everyday shoes for going to work, running errands, and doing yard work. I’ve got my gym shoes, which as of late, are a little dusty and in great condition. I’ve also got my “good shoes” or dress shoes for special occasions. Other than that, we guys don’t need anymore shoes. Three pairs covers everything in our lives!

The picture of these shoes above are my new “skis” as I do have rather large feet, coming in at size 13. You may notice they don’t have laces. I haven’t had a pair of shoes with laces in almost ten years! It requires so much work to bend down, untie the laces, slide the foot in, and tie up the laces. I think it burns ten calories or something like that and I sweat a little too. Nope, not me! I like the slip on and go style of shoes just in case I have to get away from Jamie Lewis quickly and efficiently. Happy shoe shopping, folks!

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