(Jamie) Where Did All Of The Cones And Barricades Go?

This morning as I crossed Lewvan Dr. on 4th Ave. on my way into work I noticed something special. It wasn’t something that I saw, but rather, something I didn’t see. There were no barricades or orange cones to be seen anywhere. They had become a mainstay at that intersection for what seemed like forever. It was such a beautiful sight I almost decided to take that route into work this morning!

Things seem to be looking up in the road construction department. Lewvan is finished. The Regina Bypass Project should be all wrapped up next month. What miracle will fall upon us next? Leafs win cup?

What a summer for road construction. It certainly has been the hot topic of conversation over the last few months.

Whenever I talk to people about all of the work going on, I get the sense that people aren’t upset with the actual construction itself, it’s the planning of the whole thing. Personally I think the traffic lights in certain construction zones could have been planned out a little better so traffic could have moved along at a better pace. From what I’ve heard, that seems to be the biggest gripe.

Fall was ushered in at 1:50 this morning, which means it won’t be long before we stop complaining about road construction and start complaining about how icy those newly paved roads are!

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