SMA’s President and Vice-President Tour stops in Regina

Saskatchewan Medical Association officials are coming to Regina  as part of a provincial tour Tuesday.

The President and Vice-President will be speaking with local physicians at the Delta Hotel.

VP Dr. Barb Konstantynowicz says it also gives them a chance to keep in touch with the doctors not practicing in their areas. “This tour is one where we both provide information to the members and hear what the local issues might be.”

Konstantynowicz says right now, a common theme across the province seems to be physician wellness. “Because we have gone to a single health authority in the province, right now we are looking at bylaws, rules and regulations under which the physicians practice under the single health authority. It’s kind of a dry topic, but it’s really sort of those bits and pieces of how these very large organizations function.”

Some other common topics include access for patients to come to the facility, accessing specialists and accessing certain teams like mental health.

She adds that tours like this are important because it doesn’t matter if a doctor is in a metro, rural or remote area, it’s important to hear that they are all dealing with similar issues. “We need to feel like we are not alone and isolated, working just in our little corner of the world, just trying to do the best we can. It’s good to hear that we are all struggling, and with that struggle comes a louder voice that we can bring forward to whoever we need to, to address the concerns.”

Regina is one of 11 stops on the province wide tour.

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