(Jamie) I Admit It, I’m A Wuss

I hate to admit it, but this morning I actually used one of the inventions that I consider to be one of the best of the 20th century, at least in the winter. I tip my hat to you, mighty remote car starter! What a wonderful invention. Years ago I remember running out to my vehicle in my sweat pants and firing up the engine in minus 30 weather. That, in a word, sucked big time. Okay, that was actually three words, but you get the drift.

The remote car starter has actually been around for decades. I can only imagine how much one would have cost back in its infancy, but even then I imagine it was money well spent.

So, to the inventor of the remote car starter, I thank you.

I know it’s not cold right now, but I might as well make sure it’s working the way it should be before we head into the really cold temperatures. Now, that’s what I call planning ahead.

After all, it looks like overnight lows could hit the minus mark this weekend.

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