Where is Sask’s nicest public bathroom?

I love these gas station bathroom contests that are held every year to see which gas station in Canada has the nicest public washroom. It’s literally a feel good contest because I don’t know a single person who enjoys cleaning up, or sitting in, someone else’s bodily filth. Ewwww! It’s not just gas station bathrooms either, it’s public washrooms found anywhere. People like going to a clean facility to…ummm…read the paper shall we say.

This year the Beaver Hills Shell in Lac La Biche, Alberta was named the country’s nicest bathroom. Its rustic looking wood finish walls, beautiful chandeliers, cleanliness, and tasteful artwork propelled it into first place this year. You could say it’s in the “number 1” spot. Apparently it’s so impressive, customers of the gas station, not just competition judges, have given it very high marks on TripAdvisor.

How about here in Saskatchewan? Let’s celebrate all those clean, beautiful public commodes in our own province. While sitting down on the ole lazy bowl recliner in a gas station, have you ever looked up and said “hey, this is a great bathroom!” I think all of us appreciate knowing where a top quality public washroom is located.

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