Canada Powered by Women talks politics in Regina Thursday afternoon

A national initiative called Canada Powered by Women is mobilizing in Regina Thursday to engage more women in political talk.

This campaign is mainly on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, but the group thought it would be good to bring women face-to-face to discuss the election and political issues.

Spokesperson Lucy Miller says recent studies have shown that women are more likely to be undecided heading into an election and they are feeling silenced by all the political noise. “What we are trying to do is inform them, connect them and mobilize them. So come the election they’ll have a strong idea of what they believe in, they’ll be comfortable thinking about it, dialoguing about it and they will know who to trust when they go to the polls.”

Miller says women are doing amazing things like running businesses, families and getting multiple degrees, and yet most are hesitant to get involved in conversations about politics. “This is a safe space where they can disagree without being disagreeable and talk politics without the politics.”

Thursday’s event will include discussions and activities to inform and spark discussions on issues like climate change.

Miller says she interviewed a young woman in her third year of business school at the University of Toronto and at an event like this and asked her why she was so involved. “She said because when I think about the fact that half the money I have earned in my lifetime will be go the government. She said that’s more money then what will go into a house, my children’s education, whatever I decide to do in the future. She says I feel it’s important that I have a say.”

The Canada Powered by Women event will take place at the Wascana Country Club at 12:00 p.m.

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