Saskatchewan Trucking Association pleased with planned improvements to Highway 39

The trucking industry is excited to see improvements to Highway 39 moving forward.

Earlier this week the province announced a 53.3 million dollar project to add five sets of passing lanes to the road between Estevan and Weyburn.

Saskatchewan Trucking Association Executive Director Susan Ewart said she is happy to see this investment.

“Obviously that is a huge truck corridor route and we’re definitely excited to see more safety investments like the passing lanes put in,” she stated.

The province says the project will also include resurfacing, shoulder widening and culvert replacements.

One of the main reasons for why the STA finds the upgrades are needed on that strip of highway is due to a large commercial trading corridor down to the USA. Ewart mentioned how it definitely makes sight lines safer when drivers are aware how many more kilometres ahead they will be able to pass.

The finished product will improve safety and traffic flow in the area.

“We are in a landlocked province, we need to get our exports out, and if we can do so with good infrastructure that’s safe and allows consistent flow and movement of traffic, I think that is best for everyone.”

Construction is expected to be finished by summer 2021.

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