Environment Canada releases snowfall totals

The prairies was blasted with a winter storm over the weekend.

Sara Hoffman with Environment Canada says places like Regina weren’t hit too hard but others in the southwest had quite the dumping. “The highest snowfall amount that was recorded by Environment Canada was 40 centimeters in the western Cypress Hills region. Which sort of stands to reason because you have that higher terrain which can interact with these systems and produce a little bit more snow. The next highest amount was in Shaunavon and that was right around 20 centimeters.”

Hoffman says this type of storm is normal for this time of year. “I don’t have exact numbers as to how often this occurs, return periods or that type of thing, but thee fall systems that bring heavy snowfall, especially to that southwest corner of Saskatchewan, is fairly normal.”

She says over the week, we shouldn’t see any more major snow falls. “We might see the odd flake.  In Regina there is a chance of flurries or rain showers on Wednesday and of course on Tuesday as the system exit will have that low cloud lingering with the chance of the odd flake for early this week. As the week progresses, things seem to improve and then if the precipitation would fall it would be rain.”

Environment Canada is forecasting a building ridge of warm air is moving north that will gradually warm up the province.

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