Time to put the shorts away

Mother Nature is unpredictable as always and she certainly made her presence known yet again this weekend, dumping snow all over Alberta and southern Saskatchewan. Despite the fact it’s near zero with falling snow and drizzle some people just can’t part with the shorts. There’s always that one person who will wear shorts until the last possible minute or until it drops to about -15 before they stop and say “I should maybe put pants on this morning.”

This morning as I was driving to work I saw a gentleman briskly walking up the sidewalk in a big ole bunny hug and shorts. They were an old pair of shorts, possible cuts-offs from an old pair of sweat pants, and the bunny hug had also seen better days. You could tell he was a little cold as he was heading back to his apartment. Well, duh! It was +1 at the time and drizzling. Time to put away the shorts.

It’s never easy to accept the fact that shorts weather is coming to a close and autumn is here, which means, as we saw this weekend, freak snowstorms can happen. Luckily for this gentleman I mentioned above his legs were as white as the left over snow, so he blended in well. I’m certainly not making fun of his legs because it were to come down to a whitest chicken legs contest I would win hands down! I’m simply pointing out that when you’re racing across the street and down the sidewalk in your shorts because you’re cold, it’s time to put away the shorts and slap on those pants….and not flannel pajama pants. Let’s save those for bedtime!


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