Weekend rain and snow cause more harvest delays across Saskatchewan

Weekend rain and snow will cause more harvest delays across the Saskatchewan grainbelt.

The snowfall ranges from 40 centimeters in Cypress Hills to two inches at Rosetown and a covering of snow in Regina and Saskatoon.

Wheat Growers chair Jim Wickett at Rosetown says some crops have been flattened and downgraded to livestock feed by the rain and snow.

Wickett adds farmers face much higher costs for grain drying and he is hoping for some rebate from the federal carbon tax.

SARM president Ray Orb says some rural municipalities are considering declaring a disaster area because of the late harvest and extended rainfall.

He says such a declaration highlights the severity of the loss and enables SARM to push for government help.

He says the SARM board of directors will meet Friday to discuss the severity of the problem and the need for improvements to farm support programs like agristability and agrirecovery.

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