Looking to relieve overcrowding at Ecole Harbour Landing, Regina Public French Immersion students may be on the move again

Ecole Harbour Landing in Regina. Google Maps.

With Ecole Harbour Landing about 250 kids over capacity, the Regina Public School Board is considering moving the french immersion program to Dr. A.E. Perry School.

A meeting was held Monday night to gauge the idea with parents.

Director of Education Greg Enion, said he understands frustrations felt with another potential move possible for french immersion students, but said something needs to be done to bring the school closer to its capacity limit.

“Obviously it’s not our favorite scenario, but we know that Harbour Landing School is just over 900 students and we have to fix that, we just do not have the capacity to grow anymore over there,” Enion said.

Ecole Harbour Landing was built for 650 students.

Enion said if the program were to move, that would mean 180 students would leave for Perry School.

“That’s the recommendation that was put forward to the board by administration, it’s something we are still considering at this time, but the board will be making a final decision on January 15th,” Enion said.

If approved the plan would be implemented for the start of the 2020/21 school year, it would also accommodate busing for children that would now need a new means of transportation to and from school.

Regina Public is also hoping a new school will be approved for the area, the province is currently considering that option.

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