Oops!! A real SaskPower worker was to blame for what was thought to be a scam in Montmartre

An incident that caused some concern in the town of Montmartre has been cleared up.

On September 23, RCMP warned the public of a potential scam after a man dressed as a SaskPower worker visited a home in the town and told the resident of the home he was there to do repairs.

The man was driving a brown SUV with SaskPower logos, but SaskPower says they had no one in that area on the date of the visit.

An investigation has shown the man was in fact a SaskPower employee conducting legitimate business.

The company says there was some miscommunication and it didn’t help when the employee involved went on holidays the day after the attempted inspection and only informed RCMP about it when he found out what was going on.

As mentioned, the release stated the SUV was brown. It was actually a cream-coloured SaskPower vehicle that was dirty from being driven on grid roads.

SaskPower is apologizing, but says the RCMP’s message to stay vigilant was a good one and if residents have any concerns, they should get a hold of them a-s-a-p.

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