Coroner Investigating Death of Allan Landrie

The Saskatchewan Coroners Service has ordered an autopsy as part of its investigation into the death of Allan Landrie.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority says the body of the 72-year-old man was found in a publicly accessible area on the main floor of Royal University Hospital Tuesday night.

Saskatoon police say he was last seen walking into the facility at about 1:30 Saturday afternoon.

Police say a thorough search of RUH and the surrounding area was conducted by officers and search and rescue staff after Landrie was reported missing and do not consider his death suspicious.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority says their security staff worked closely with police during the search and staff were told to be on the lookout for Landrie pointing out there are eight entrances with about 7,000 people going in and out of the facility daily.

The SHA adds aside from the surveillance video there were no reported sightings during the time Landrie was missing.

The Saskatchewan Health Ministry declined comment deferring to the health authority.


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