Landmark Cinemas set to open this weekend in Regina

It’s a weekend many movie-goers in Regina have been waiting for, as Landmark Cinemas officially open starting Friday.

It is the city’s fourth movie theatre, and the eight-screen facility features 887 leather recliner seating and laser projection in every auditorium.

CEO of Landmark Cinemas Bill Walker said it was apparent to them that a movie theatre was the missing piece to the city’s east end.

“We believe that any city this size that has only one operator, a lot more can be brought to the market with competition, so we’re happy to bring some competition to the market,” Walker said. “I think you’ll quickly see what that competition brings to movie goers, and ultimately it’s just going to get out to the movies more often.”

One of the features of the Landmark Cinemas is a Laser Ultra auditorium, complete with a Dolby Atmos sound system.

Walker said it’s all about improving the movie-going experience.

“It’s about reserved seating, it’s about the comfort of those recliner seats, approachable pricing that keeps it affordable for families and for people to go to the movies more often,” Walker said. “We have lots of showtimes, we’re open a lot, and it’s all about filling those seats as much as possible, and so we’re giving the space back to the customer, and trying to compel people to get out and enjoy the movies more often.”

Landmark Cinemas will also be providing screenings for those with sensory sensitivities once a month, and will provide equipment for the visually and hearing impaired to enjoy the movie at no extra cost.

Walker said offering this experience to everyone, including those who may not be able to enjoy a movie normally, is the least they can do.

“To provide those sorts of experiences again, with the capacity of showtimes we have, and the ability we have to communicate directly with those customer groups, it just gives a good opportunity for them to still stay engaged in the movie-going experience, and share that with their loved ones and friends, just like any other customer.”

With their headquarters in Calgary, Landmark is the second-largest movie theatre chain in the country, and has been steadily growing since 2013, including a theatre in Saskatoon’s east end.

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