(Jamie) A Brand New Theatre Experience

Last night I was out at a special screening at the brand new Landmark Cinemas right across from Costco in the east part of the city. I remember doing the same thing for the Galaxy Cinemas when they opened their doors, which seems like a million years ago already.

I must admit, I’ve never been to a movie theatre like the one I saw last night. Every seat in the house is a leather recliner. Yes, you read that right. Leather recliner. It’s like watching a movie at home in your favourite chair, except of course, for the size of the screen.

I still remember going to watch movies as a kid in the Paramount Theatre in Lethbridge and the Empress Theatre in Fort Macleod. We certainly didn’t have the luxury of leather recliners back then, but we didn’t care. I remember sitting through double features on a Saturday afternoon. If my rear end ever got numb on those old theatre seats, I can’t remember it now.

There was always something magical about a movie theatre back then. The sights, the sounds, and most importantly, for a kid, the smells. I vividly recall the aroma of popcorn wafting through the entire building. You could always smell the licorice that someone was munching on a few seats down.

If you’re a movie buff, I suggest you make your way out to Landmark Cinemas. However, there is one drawback. The seats are a little too comfy. You might just want to pack a blanket and pillow in case you end up falling asleep.

Hey, I’ve slept in worse places than a movie theatre!

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