Unifor announces a return to “work-to-rule” campaign for striking Crown Employees

Looking to remain unpredictable Unifor members will be returning to a “work-to-rule” campaign on Tuesday.

Assistant to the President of Unifor Chris MacDonald said it is not something that is permanent and a return to full job action could take place if an amended agreement or bargaining does not resume.

“We’ve shown that we can move our resources, shut down picket lines and show up in places where we’re not expected,” MacDonald said. “This is only going to continue to escalate, we’re not going away any time soon, we’re gonna go back to work and give the government and Crown Corporations a chance to get back to the bargaining table and get off of this zero mandate,” MacDonald said.

A “work-to-rule” campaign essentially means employees will do no more than the requirements that are essential to their position.

MacDonald said there is no timeline on how long the “work-to-rule” campaign will go and when workers could be back on the picket lines. “We’re going to make that decision with the leadership of our seven crown corporation groups and the crown agency and we’ll make that decision at the appropriate time and make some announcements like this one.”

The union hopes this move will encourage more talks at the bargaining table.

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