Provincial government releases platform for Saskatchewan residents to view medical records

Saskatchewan residents will soon have access to their medical records where ever they are thanks to the MySaskHealthRecord website.

The provincial government says this website will allow patients to keep tabs on any lab test results, other health information and eventually immunization records without needing to see a physician.

eHealth Saskatchewan Vice-President of Programs and Technology Davin Church said there were some changes made from the pilot project ran over the last three years.

“Our pilot wasn’t mobile-friendly, so adding the mobility piece, and then certainly the registration process (were important),” Church said. “At the onset, the thought was we would have to have some sort of in-person identity validation piece, and so that was another piece that was important to everyone that participated was to not have an in-person identity validation at this point.”

Rural and remote health minister Warren Kaeding said the information for each patient’s file will be up to the minute.

“You have the right to have ready access to that information because many times you need to start a treatment regime, or you need to start something immediately, or if it’s a diagnosis that requires further follow-up, you would like to start that immediately instead of having that lag period, or that time delay that may further exacerbate your health condition.”

Kaeding said the information will not be shared to physicians or anyone else by the province.

“This information is yours; it’s strictly up to you as to who you want to share that with or how you want to share that information,” Kaeding said. “No one else will have access to that information.”

The MySaskHealthRecord is available to anyone in the province 18 years or older with a valid Saskatchewan health card and SGI identification card or drivers licence.

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