(Jamie) Brush The Snow Off Those Windows!

This morning I saw something that I always seem to notice after a bit of a snowfall. There was a driver in front of me that thought cleaning the snow off his vehicle was just a little too labour intensive. The only snow that was cleared from the car was the stuff that could be removed by the windshield wipers. Other than that, nothing.

I don’t understand how people can drive their cars without being able to see out of every window. Are these people really stupid or really lazy? I’m guessing a little bit of both.

Hey, I can understand not brushing your vehicle off if it’s just covered in light powdery snow that will blow off once you start driving, but if it’s sticking to your window, brush it off.

Is it too much work to sweep the snow off of the car before driving off? The people who drive these “danger traps” are accidents waiting to happen.

I know some people are just plain lazy and some people are just plain stupid. Unfortunately, when the snow starts falling, combining the two can be a dangerous situation.

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