FSIN reminding First Nations people in Saskatchewan to get out and vote

The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations is hoping to see a high turnout of First Nations people heading to the polls on Monday for the federal election.

FSIN Chief Bobby Cameron talked about how First Nations voices need to be heard, and this federal election grants that opportunity.

He said there are several issues First Nations people are concerned about during this federal election including housing investment and child welfare.

“Every election is important. It’s an opportunity for First Nations people to show Canada we are here and we are powerful,” said Chief Cameron. “We’ll have an impact right across this country because we made a difference in the last election, and we are going to make a difference this election.”

The 2015 election saw the highest voter turnout on reserves since 2004 with 61.5 per cent of eligible voters living on reserves coming to the polls –an increase of nearly 15 per cent from the previous election.

Cameron hopes those numbers can be even higher this time around. No matter where First Nations people live, the FSIN and local organizations have planned for election day to ensure everyone can get out to vote.

“They’ve been preparing transportation, communicating with their First Nation membership, and getting ready for Monday, October 21st,” he explained.

“We feel confident they’ve done the groundwork, and we’ve done what we can on our end.”

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