(Jamie) Wow! That Was A Lot Of Hate

I am so happy this election has come and gone, if only for social media reasons. Never before had I noticed how hateful people could be during an election. If people weren’t bashing leaders of the political parties they didn’t like, they were bashing the people who supported them. It seemed like every post was oozing with political vitriol. There seemed to be no such thing as “agree to disagree.”

By the end I just couldn’t read any more. If a post looked political, I skipped right past it. I found it all rather disgusting.

Another thing that irked me was the number of people who found it necessary to post to the world that they had just voted. Who cares? Why does someone feel the need to post that? I just don’t get it. People seem to post the dumbest things.

I’ve seen people post to the world the fact that they’re not going into work because they’re not feeling well? Really? Don’t tell us, tell your boss. We don’t care. How about those posts letting us know where someone’s eating at that particular moment? Thank you. I’ll sleep a lot better knowing that information. Sometimes they’ll even post a picture of the meal they’re enjoying at that restaurant. Again, thank you for that vital information.

I never post personal things on my Facebook page for one simple reason. I don’t want everyone knowing my business. No one cares about what I’m up to on any given day or night, nor should they.

I’m really not anti-Facebook. I guess I’m just a little riled up about all of the hate that I saw over the course of the last month and a half!

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